Let’s Create an
Unforgettable Experience!

Events are more than just dates on a calendar, they’re experiences, celebrations, milestones and a chance to say, LOOK AT US! 

Together, we’ll take your event to the next level by combining our creative charge with your objectives to push the boundaries! 

We offer several services to create experiential and visual disruption.


Hosting a gala dinner, confab or buzz session?

We take everything to the next level by authentically expressing your message through original and inspiring creativity and innovation. Our mission is to make sure that every person in attendance walks away with your event and message firmly lodged in their memories. 

Slick organised and invigorating, if you want an event that really POPS, we’re the people to speak to. 


We live in the Tech generation – therefore, connecting to your audience digitally is a must! 

Smoothly run apps and other digital additions to your event can easily become the next hot topic in your industry. We’re at the forefront to craft a technology-driven event blueprint, that seamlessly integrates with your message. 


Make a statement with a Live Performance! 

When it comes to theatre and performances, we’ve got 15 years’ experience in crafting exciting and memorable entertainment. 
We can add that WOW factor to your event that makes a long-lasting impression. Our LIVE service includes.  

Entertainment Concept
Artist Management
Technical & Stage Design 


You’ve worked so hard to get to this point, now let’s go out with a BANG!

Kickstarting a conversation about your product, brand or service means making a bold statement with your launch. Let’s create an event that breaks the norm and lets everyone know that you are here for business! 


Got a social event that needs to be celebrated? 

From personal celebrations to year-end corporate functions, we know how to throw a JOL and work just as hard as we play. 

So, treat yourself and your favourite people to a night of excitement, dancing and fun! 


Fashion-forward thinking is where we’re at!

With a degree in fashion, we know what it takes to put a fashion show together. So, let’s tie in your latest line with an innovative, show-stopping fashion event that will bring your creativity, hard work and energy to life! 


Steal the show at your next exhibit!

We LOVE to create visual disturbance! With 3D rendering capabilities and a super creative edge, we’re ready to take control and dominate the competition. 

Let’s take that expo from Blah to YAAAS!


Your vision is the first ‘thing’ that walks into an event, so let’s make an IMPACT! 

We specialise in creating a unique and EPIC look and feel for your event that suits your objectives.

From staging and set design to lighting with a purpose, we take event décor from space filler to Instagram-worthy showstopper.


Let us take charge of your event design!

With over 15 years’ experience in marketing and design, we take being creative to the next level.

From your event logo and website to the invitations and entertainment, we pride ourselves on taking the reigns to bring your ideas and concepts to life.